False Prophet. False Teacher. God's Organization?


Thanks for visiting. This website is companion to the Watchtower Examination Youtube Channel. Its objective is to assist Jehovah's Witnesses and the wider public to examine the teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract society, which claims to be God's organization and His only channel of communication to mankind today.

Why is This Important

If that claim is true, then every God-fearing person should become a member. If it is not true, it is incumbent on Jehovah's Witnesses reconsider going door-to-door teaching a myth to persons. That belief is responsible for, on the part of members, an almost idolatrous confidence in the organization; a stubborn refusal to critically examine the beliefs of the society; a distortion of the gospel of salvation; a lack of understanding of who God is; the destruction of a steadily growing number of families and a great degree of depresson and unhappiness.

Jehovah's Witnesses, for the most part, do not believe they are part of the new covenant and, as ridiculous as it may sound, they are not even sure if they are really children of God.

This ministry seeks to help Jehovah's Witnesses wade through the issues and come to a personal relationship with Jesus, on a level not quite experienced before.

Website Features

Persons have in the past requested the scripts of the vidoes and also particular resources mentioned. It is a pleasure to announce that those things will now be ready for download so that you may print them and use in your witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses. You will also be able to see the script of the next video while it is being prepared.

The site also provides links to external sources because there are so many persons who provide pertinent information, better than I could have done myself. You will find these on the resources page.

The website is a work in progress.

Your feedback is welcomed.


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