About This Ministry

About This Ministry

My name is Winston Gilling and I am from Jamaica. I designed the header pic above to depict what I am really about. A part of me wish I did not have to even show my face for the simple reason that this ministry is NOT about me. I seek not to draw others to myself to but Christ. I seek not to be seen, but that THE WORD OF GOD becomes known. There is nothing special about myself to present or recommend. I am but an ordinary sinner like every other other Joe out there, but rejoicing in God's marveloous grace by which I am saved. Now saved, I just love the Lord and want ot be used by Him to help others.

I started this ministry having witnessed what becoming a Jehovah's Witness has done to my brother, who seems to have lost ALL his ability to reason objectively since he became a Jehovah's Witness. I had always been a firm ADMIRER of Jehovah's Witnesses for several years, on account of their zeal for the ministry and the fact that they seem to be such humble, sweet, Christ-like individuals on the surface.

When I learned about the SHOCKING doctrines of the organization and uncovered the DANGEROUS realities of becoming a member, and after two gentlemen (including an elder) from my brother's congregation LIED to me, while smiling, I made a decision to start a YouTube Channel to make the public aware. I thougt to myself that if I could help ONE person, it will be worth it. Little did I know it would have been helpful to as many as it has been. The ministry has been a success beyong my initial imagination. Because of the emails received, revealing that the videos have been very helpful, I have decided to, as long as it is possible, make this a full-time ministry.

NOTHING is as rewarding to me as hearing someone who has been a Christian all along, reveal how he/she has FINALLY learned what it is to have a personal relationship with Christ, having been freed from "false-doctrinal' mind-control.

The Difference

There are several video channels and websites online that expose the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and they all do a pretty good job, and serve a very useful purpose. For example, others do a tremendous work at looking into internal administrative issues, as well as providing support for ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who feel so alone on leaving the organization. Here you will not necessarily find the latest news about what is happening within the organization.

This ministry is primarily focused on providing additional support by examining the teachings of the organization, with a view to helping Jehovah's Witnesses come to and understanding of the truths of THE BIBLE, and to realize that they are indeed being lied to, and being indoctrinated with FALSE teachings.

Even more importantly, many Jehovah's Witnesses become agnostics and atheists after leaving the organization. It is my prayer and hope that I can be used of God to help them understand that they were let down by an organization, not by God - that God is still real, and that he still desires their worship and their service. It is the plan of Satan to cause Jehovah's Witnesses to give up, leaving them in a "damned if you stay and damned if you leave" catch-22 situation.

God still has a mighty work for ex-Jehova's Witnesses to do.