Witnesing to Jehovah's Witnesses

The following is a witnessing tool to help Jehovah's Witnesses realize the falsehoods in and around the doctrine of the appointment of the faithful and discreet slave, as taught by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The doctrine itself is false. On top of that, it is built around lie after lie and a massive cover up. To help Jehovah's Witnesses uncover the truth about this is a MAJOR step in helpng them to be free of the mind-control of the organization.

Jehovah's Witnesses place undying trust in the organization, specifically because they believe it was appointed by Jesus in 1919. You will be provided with information that will help Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as instructions how to use the material.

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Special Social Media Video

Please send a short video to your JW relatives and friends to get them to give a second or serious thought to their shunning policy as the governing body flips and flops on the subject with their recent brochure, "Return to Jehovah". Click the "download"

Download Witnessing Tools

Rutherford's Convention Speech - Ohio, 1922

The Watchtower, repeatedly and boastfully, makes mention of Rutherford's speech at the September, 1922, Ohio Convention, where he charged the excited throng to advertise the King and His kingdom. The organization gives the clear and absolutely false impression that Rutherford was making reference to Jesus being enthroned as King in heaven, in 1914. The speech, however makes it abundantly clear that the 1874 second coming of Jesus was what it was all about. The full script of that speech reveals a number of precious gems. The speech was inserted in the November 1, 1922 Watchtower magazine. Photocopies are available.

It would be very helpful to get a copy of the magazine and read the full report on the convention. You may find the full magazine by clicking on the link to the left for the archive of Watchtower and Awake magazines. Click on the download button for Rutherford's speech.

Download Rutherford's Speech

Kingdom News Volume 1

The Watchtower, in the January, 2019, Watchtower Broadcasting featured a documentary about the Bible students in the 1914 era. After the banning of The Finished Mystery with its myriad of ridiculous false teachings, the Watchtower proudly speaks about how the Bible Students published and circulated the Kingdom News series. Please download a copy of Volume 1 and see how they lied, or deluded themselves, about the authenticity of Russell's interpration of the Scriptures. It's insane.

Download Kingdom News Volume 1


Still Teaching False Doctrines

There are several false doctrines currently being taught by the organization. You are not likely to get a Jehovah's Witness to see the falsehoods in those doctrines. In spite of the organization's track record, Jehovah's Witnesses believe the light of truth got brighter, and the organization is now doctrinally sound.

But there is one false doctrine that no Jehovah's Witness can successfully rebut. Most of them would not dare try. Resources will soon be added to aid you in presenting to Jehovah's Witnesses how they have been deceived on the interpretation of Daniel 12. Video explains.

Exposing the Covered-Up History

After a Jehovah's Witness has been shown the falsehoods in the doctrine of the faithful and discreet slave, he/she will be more likely to examine the things taught by the organization around the time it claims it was appointed. The books The Time Is At Hand, written by Charles Russell; The Finished Mystery, started by Russell and completed by Joseph Rutherfod, the society's second president; as well as Rutherford's Millions Now Living Will Never Die, are among the books that are considered 'a must read'. You may also familiarize yourself with the content by downloading pdf versions below:

The Finished Mystery
Millions Now Living Will Never Die
The Time is At Hand

A Must-See Video on 607 BCE

The Watchtower organization is alone in its belief that the original Jewish temple was destroyed in 607 B.C. But when lying, one tends not to cover up very well. The Watchtower's own words prove them wrong. This video was of great help to me.

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