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140 - The Watchtower's Contempt for Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society holds Jehovah's Witnesses in contempt. They are lied to with impunity and and with sheer disdain because the organization does not expect them to investigate what they are being told. In fact, indoctrinated into thinking it is wrong to think independently, and to hate and avod apostates, the typical Jehovah's Witness is so terrified of becoming an apostate and being so viewed by their friends and family in the organization, as they steer the prospects of being shunned in the eyes.

On the luxury of such a platform, not only are Jehovah's Witnesses told lies. They are told ridiculous lies even, and the total contempt is demonstrated when, even in lying, the organization reveals a BLATANT TRUTH, that would make any independently-thinking person realize immediately that a lie is being taught, but the organization clearly does not regard Jehovah's Witnesses as smart enough, or intelligent enough to figure it out.

Look out for the evidence to these very serious charges. The organization's literature remains it's worst enemy. Ironically, a part of the scheme of lying to Jehovah's Witnesses largely involves hiding the older magazines from Jehovah's Witnesses, while giving them snippets from those very magazines. The fact that the organization quotes from older material gives Jehovah's Witnesses the illusion that the organization is indeed not ashamed of it's past and not hiding it from current members.